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Why Cryonics is the worst idea in human history.

January 24, 2021 By Chukky Derrick

One of the limiting and rather frustrating factor in human existence is the concept of age and this is where cryonics comes in. Right from the onset of history the concept of age has baffled many. There’s even a term pertaining to the general studying of age called gerontology the physiological changing with respect to time of a living organism or bio-imolecular structure. Now it’s very important to note that ageing sets the natural state of things in the planet and universe in general. This is ageing not only pertaining to human life but also the environment. Though the main topic of focus is mainly about humans in general it is very important to point the importance of ageing even when it pertains to inorganic substances. Man, in his familiar likeness to upset the balance of things now is trying to terminate age. Note that in recent times the life span of humankind has increased. This is mainly due to advanced scientific researches, drug engineering and ground breaking discoveries in the field of medicine. A simple virus that would have wiped out 200,000 people in the 1500s wouldn’t be able to do so now probably due to a vaccine or a recent drug. This on its own means that a part or an aspect of nature has been unseated and there’s no better portrayal of this than with overpopulation as seen in major cities in the world today.

Humans have a tendency to go against the ordinary and rather naturally induced. This can be seen by us asking questions prior to creation, the theory of the big bang and of course, the questions on the possibility of time travel. All these are dynamics of nature or reality that are bigger than us but if you look closely, you’d find a similar and common trend among these factors. What makes creation so daunting as to why we ask ‘why are we here?’. What makes astronomical and heavenly bodies like the Eagle Nebula so powerful and so grand and makes life and human life in general so minute? It’s a simple answer: Time.

The Eagle Nebula | Source : ViewSpace

Time is the greatest power and revealer of all things; it holds the chains of the universe and even the fabrics on which spirituality was woven on. Once you can control or wield time, you have everything.

The number one enemy of man is not the deadliest viruses, neither is it nuclear holocaust, it’s time. Why? Because we feel we have been cheated in the prospects of time. How can we? The most intelligent life form be so handicapped? Rocks do not do anything, neither do they create but they exist for billions of years while we, the creators and inventors, the ones who named things out of curiosity gets to exist for a handful of years? Man, definitely feels cheated. That Is what cryonics tends to defeat.

What is cryonics?

Wikipedia defines cryonics as ‘the low-temperature freezing and storage of a human corpse or severed head, with the speculative hope that resurrection may be possible in the future’. It’s also very important to note that cryonics has existed for many years before now and dates back to the year 1967. With a path to immortalization like stated above in the quote from Wikipedia it’s the storing and preserving of the human body with hopes to be resurrected in the future. The first man to be cryonically preserved, Dr. James Bedford, died of renal cancer is being preserved at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation for almost fifty years now, since 1991. Bedford was placed in an insulated container containing dry ice and also, liquid nitrogen in the later years and he is not the only one to have been ‘cryopreserved’. Around the world over 250 individuals are being housed and stored in cryonics facilities. There are also ancient day techniques likened to cryonics like embalming and mummification.

The Takabuti Mummy | Source : ABC

Popular of course is the severed head of Ted Williams and more than 1,300 people in total have requested that their bodies be sent to Alcor Life Extension Institute when they die. This shows possibly, growing interest but is cryonics really possible? I am in no position to say but I know if someone told you 3000 years ago that someday massive shaped heavy round like metals would fly in the sky with humans in them you would have called the person silly. In this day and age believe it or not, anything is seemingly possible I mean if we can colonize mars, then immortality believe it or not could also be, just a couple hundred years away. But then again, the prospects of cryonics are daunting. Can humans really manage time? Can we control that much power?

The potentials of cryonics are very dangerous

There’s a popular saying in Africa ‘you can’t cheat nature’. Emphasis on the ‘can’t’. If we live in a reality where people lived forever the order of things as we know it would change and even possibly flip in total reverse, we would have people possessing seventeen PhDs. Not to talk of over population, I’m going to go out on a limb here and refer to a quote from the bible a friend of mine once used in explaining over population. His quote was from Revelations 20 vs 13 which goes ‘The sea gave up its dead, and death and the grave gave up their dead. And all were judged according to their deeds’ then he added ‘where is the space? If everyone who ever lived should rise up, where is the space on the earth? I’m aware that quote could very much be figurative and not meant to be taken literally and it’s a rather far fetched example but he has a point which is very similarly relative to cryonics and possibly, immortality in general.

A cryonic pod | source : Science Alert

Alternative resources would become scarce and definitely, trans-humanism (the worship of humans) would become the new order of the day. Humans are known for not handling power for good. Also, this would lead to the loss of wonder, if man becomes the same age of the stars there’s no need for reverence. Death is what makes life special, like the philosopher who asked ‘do we gaze at the stars because we are human or are we human because we gaze at the stars?’. The loss of grandeur would take away our humanity.

Even if man were to have the chance to live forever, a day would come where he seeks for a re-think. I agree it’s all going out on a limb as most of this is just theory and cryonics is likened to weird science but science, is advancing very quickly and when that day comes when we have a man who’s 6,544 years old, lost a wife? Probably not. I hope he finds meaning in his existence because if not, he is no different from a rock at the bottom of the ocean.


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