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When is the End of the World

June 28, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
End of the world

Whether it’s more of a notion or even a cliché, the term, or just an afterthought the end of the world at some point must have come across your mind or even jumped out at you at a random occurrence such as a particular person winning a certain election or your kid crashing your new expensive car. That kind of scenario might just register in your mind as the end of the world but hypothetically speaking in every sense of the word what about the singular actual meaning of that phrase? Devoid of all theoretical meanings or whatever it may stand for or even prophets of doom like Elon Musk.

Excluding the possibilities of a global scale earthquake or even the rise of a deadly virus that wipes off most of the planet’s population or a remake of The Walking Dead come to life. Whether the ending be a cosmic event or a biological one the collective goal is the one of major interest or rather the major point of focus or rather the series of events that leads to that goal if it means the earth shattering to a thousand pieces or the end of all bio forms and the earth turning to an arid to wasteland or an event where the earth stops spinning, loses rotation on its axis and there’s no sun and day. This has always been a theme of major science fiction movies with the all familiar dystopian or post apocalyptic theme as Hollywood has inadvertently made themselves prophets of doom in this all-familiar light. Going in this light the end of the world be really scary like seen in the movie 2012 or with a touch of partying seeing in the movie Greenland. In the course of our lives, we tend to conjure up two means by which we would stop existing, one would be die of course, or rather, the world ending, be it an asteroid attack or whatever cosmic anomaly it may be. What would the event be like? Would we be livestreaming on social media? Coming up with new annihilating hashtags? how many hours would it take? What if someone gets hungry? Though this is all spotted with humour it’s quite important to take this on a serious light.

Defining the End of the World

End of the World

The theory of time stopping is actually preposterous because that’s like hitting rewind on the big bang. The earth stopping? Now that is more probable due to the flakiness of gravity, because we are assuming the sun loses its gravity in this scenario. In Africa, or here in Nigeria the end of the world has many meanings like dropping a pot of expensive soup, this one in particular is a major and popular trend. This article is mainly based on a scientific approach and maybe, a little cliché. This should sell off living on Mars.

The earth coming to an end, or stopping in lights of this article would be mainly referenced to a cataclysmic event such as a meteor strike. There have been speculations in the parts with regards to meteors hitting the Earth or rather asteroids, the most popular being Apophis and Bennu. Time stopping is rather tethering on the abstract and has zero to no chance of being probable because if that were to happen, we would be tinkering at the core of pure physics. Major scenarios with regards to the earth stopping would be with regards to a thermonuclear event majorly meaning bombs going off, if the world were ever going to come close to the extent of fighting nuclear war, this would mainly be played by the blanket of ‘Nuclear Winter’ that would blanket the whole earth. In this scenario if it were to happen, apart from the effects of fallout having to do with effects of explosion from ground zero. This of course would result in heavy physical disruption while there would be massive and dense radiation birthing the rise of tumours and cancers among the general population. There would be effusion of ‘radioactive particles’ from the shockwave thus making the spread even more ubiquitous but the deadliest of all which would have a more global scale ripple would be the nuclear winter which are mainly clouds of radioactive ash and soot which would block out the sunlight for years which in turn would then cause the plants on the earth to die off and as we all know; plants are our CO2 filter and also a source of oxygen. This in turn would cause all the life on the earth to die off. Or we could just go out like seen in the movie Greenland.

End of the world

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What we do not need in general is not the earth ending in a literal sense of the word but maybe a scenario that would place us in such because they tend to strip off the unimportant and remind us of our core beliefs, majorly, that we are all first, humans. If a scenario were to arise that it’s been proclaimed that the world were to end in exactly 31 days. This is not a prophecy like the infamous Mayans but an actual proven fact with already visible effects like the ocean rising tremendously and earth tremors. In this case, there’s an expected rupturing of the Earth’s core. People would then begin to find out that what was generally termed as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ would no longer seem important and there would be an increase in sentiments. Here in Nigeria, I can say that majority of people would spend time in church of course or with family and suddenly the war in the Middle East would seem pointless and humanity would be on a level of peace, believe me. Such moments like these have happened upon us the last one in my generation being, the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic when everyone was placed on lockdown. Marvel Avengers and the DC extended universe could not save us and the role of the health care personnel was fully seen that they really were our unseen or rather unacknowledged heroes.

The world would definitely come to an end, no one knows when, but everything has a life span and till then it’s best to make it one hell of an ending.

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