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Time Travel, Possible or Plausible?

May 10, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
Time travel
Woman walking through a ‘portal’ | Image source : Forbes

One of the major teasers of the ‘futuristic science’ approach via movies and even novels and even maybe tagging it weird science is the concept of time travel. When you hear of time travel the warp drive of the USSR Enterprise of the Star Trek series. Now the question of time travel has always been debated from other movie franchises like ‘Dr Who’ and the likes have tended to put forward these notions from all time. If you study the prospects of time travel and the popularly purported time machine you could find it so heavily flawed as most sections of it mainly rooted in science fiction, not to speak of the dangers of the idea as I wouldn’t lie to you it really sounds deadly if you look at it from a physiological aspect.

The possibility of time travel is closer than you think, well the issue is the form at which it exists as time travel has been proven to be mathematically possible. If you could go back in time what would you change? Avoid the day you met your ex or supposed lover?  If it eventually happens though the motives might be for something as grandeur like stopping the birth of Hitler or Bin Laden do not begin to get surprised when it becomes incorporated, familiar and to the barest minimum, people begin to use it for everyday activities and this is where the problem begins to tell. Sure, there would be pretty severe regulations like the ones regarding to nuclear power. There would be bodies put in place to watch and foresee the implementations of the time machine or the regularities before a country acquires one. You could compare this to the Iran nuclear deal but before we begin to get political about the prospects of the time machine let us first get behind as to the science that makes this feat achievable it is important to state that not all scientists believe time travel is possible. The major alpha author in the whole-time theories as we all know is no one but Albert Einstein. The major and most import element behind the prospects of time travel is gravity.

Gravitational waves are the major factor.

The theory relating to gravitational waves making time travel possible was actually put in place by Albert Einstein over a hundred years ago. The main story is that two super massive blackholes spinning about each other about 1.3 billion years ago imploded or merged as stated by Mashable. This cataclysmic event sent shockwave through the entire universe; this discovery was made by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) on September 14th 2015. Albert Einstein, above a hundred years ago put forward a theory supporting the presence of gravitational waves with relations to space-time and his theory of relativity.  The space-time front with lights to this discovery are found in the 2014 movie Interstellar and the executive producer was even part of the LIGO research team and one of the members Kip Thorne stated that it was a major step towards to time travel in the nearest possible future. Well at least that’s what the discovery stands for or at least a step in the better understanding of time travel or maybe Elon Musk would take us there.

Time travel as a whole is more plausible than possible because as said above the discovery shows that time travel is mathematically possible. There are other factors to check such as cause and effect or as infamously called, ‘the butterfly effect’ but currently just know that it’s possible to travel through time, which we do currently –only forward.

The Grandfather Paradox.

Time Travel
The GrandFather paradox explained | image source : InventionSky

There is quite an interesting logical and arduous feat with lights to time travel termed the grandfather paradox. This notion is mainly based on the idea that if a person travels to a distant past and kills his grandfather. In doing so, won’t such a person stop his own birth? Viewing things in this light makes it known that time travel is logically impossible or just as originally tied to being mathematically possible, but it’s also important to understand the concept as a whole is not fully understood and still under study because let us not look at things with normal or ordinary consequences as we could be talking about many possible outcomes to an already given or known scenario. This in general cannot even be looked upon with a straight view, given the dynamic nature of time such as other dimensions we know of and even the theoretical ones we don’t know of, these factors could suddenly come into play.

Time travel
Interstellar | Source : Collider

Time and Relativity.

If one were to by any means create a spaceship that could hurtle away from the earth at great speed which’s acceleration would be of course proportional to that of the earth’s gravity within 300 to 400 days such a ship would begin to approach the speed of light. Now this is where the interesting stuff begins to happen. As acceleration begins to approach the velocity and speed of light, its clocks would begin to slow down. This is a scientifically proven fact and even applies to physiological aging. The speed of the clocks on the ship would slowdown relative to time on planet earth. In these circumstances, a trip around our galaxy, both back and forth which is possibly a distance of about seventy thousand light-years would be completed in as little as thirty to forty-five years of ship time.

When the whole journey is over the people on the space craft would only be forty-five years older while almost seventy thousand years would have passed on the earth. This is the idea behind the 2014 movie Interstellar. There are no known laws of physics to dispute this result.

Time travel is both possible theoretically and mathematically but when it comes to the aspects of logic it begins to falter, maybe because looking at it logically is more of a tooth-comb approach which would of course pop out errors and anomalies but from a theoretical view it is more possible than plausible.

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