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The Metaverse would change Africa.

The internet has in many ways changed from the static web it was known as and evolved to have many other complex features. Important concept are the syntactic web and other commonly known components. Accessing the internet In Africa has been quite a source of dispute right from time. As studies show that many parts […]

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When is the End of the World

Whether it’s more of a notion or even a cliché, the term, or just an afterthought the end of the world at some point must have come across your mind or even jumped out at you at a random occurrence such as a particular person winning a certain election or your kid crashing your new […]

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Time Travel, Possible or Plausible?

One of the major teasers of the ‘futuristic science’ approach via movies and even novels and even maybe tagging it weird science is the concept of time travel. When you hear of time travel the warp drive of the USSR Enterprise of the Star Trek series. Now the question of time travel has always been […]

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Why Cryonics is the worst idea in human history.

One of the limiting and rather frustrating factor in human existence is the concept of age and this is where cryonics comes in. Right from the onset of history the concept of age has baffled many. There’s even a term pertaining to the general studying of age called gerontology the physiological changing with respect to […]

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Life on Mars and Elon Musk as Supreme Emperor.

The Earth will go extinct. The earth would get slammed by a great asteroid. A deadly virus would spring up and send us into an apocalyptic reality. Everyone would be crying and Elon Musk would be dancing gagman style gazing from Mars, you can term these as soon to be facts in the impending future. […]

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Smartphone Assistants could be the next big thing.

Talking to your phone might strike you as weird. We talk ‘on’ the phone all the time, yes only in this scenario, imagine there’s no angry boss at the other end, just a nice monotone female phoney voice struggling to read your mind. I know the only time Google assistant pops up is when you […]

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The Future of Smartphones is its Software

The title of this post should have come across your mind at some point and if it hasn’t, well here it is. The telephone, quite popular today has had a striking growth and development story. Now the question that’s going to be on everyone’s minds very soon is ‘what next?’ and if it hasn’t been […]

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What Elon Musk’s Neuralink means for the future of Technology.

Neuralink sounds awfully a lot like some Charles Xavier super power if you have heard about it before. Except this time, it isn’t mind to mind control (who knows? that might even be possible) but mind-technology control. Neuralink basically is a new field of technology proposed by the CEO of Tesla motors Elon Musk that […]

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Will the Machines Get Smarter?

when machines get smarter. In the 1900s if you wanted to listen to music, you’d walk down a record store on your street, purchase a record then turn on your bulky boom box and would literally have to hit ‘next’ till it got the song you wanted. Music was generally radio and record stores. Now […]

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Is Elon Musk Crazy or is it the rest of us?

The man who wants to put a million on Mars

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