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The PlayStation or Xbox which is more used in African gaming

December 26, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
PlayStation or Xbox

PlayStation or Xbox Gaming is one important aspect of recreation. In Africa generally recreation comes in many different forms, there’s playing of sports like soccer, tennis to outdoor dirt car-racing. Not everyone chooses to do these activities physically due to selective reasons. Quite a number prefer the virtual means of recreation with the PlayStation or Xbox. With traditional ‘game centres’ where you are required to pay a fee to be able to play an available game. Also, there’s also widespread popularity of home owned consoles. Normally it’s a rising trend fact that these days people prefer gaming on their smartphones. Games you needed a console to play ten years ago can now be played on a high-end smartphone. Infact the rising trend of smartphone gaming has led to the production of detachable joysticks for smartphones.

Talking about the PlayStation or Xbox both are popular in gaming across the continent. Ranging across most ages, mainly mid-thirties and below video games are an enjoyable hotness. Digital games have always been available though from the early 2000s, traditional mainstream media saw the rise of the ‘Gameboy’ among African children, also the Nintendo and popular Sega mega drive. Console gaming as of the time were a tad bit scarce and not easily available until the arrival of the PlayStation in the market.

The PlayStation was widely sold and almost everybody had one. This was the redesigned PlayStation one, early popular games were pro evolution soccer, Grand theft auto and gran tourismo. After this early fame of the PlayStation people began to get word of another possible contender called the Xbox.

The PlayStation or Xbox, Making a choice.

PlayStation or Xbox

Both consoles were unique in their own way. one has to be careful choosing between the PlayStation or Xbox. actually but stark and contrasting features like of course, the Xbox’s wireless console. Also, gameplay on the Xbox console seemingly had better graphics on traditional electronic television at the time. The Xbox though popular wasn’t as ubiquitous in African homes as the widely sold PlayStation console. The PlayStation’s durability and ability to adapt to African climate factors like heat and dust. This was one major factor that contributed to the console’s popularity in local game shops, in a typical game shop you’d probably find only the PlayStation One and Two. This common factor served as a form of sales and promotion boost for the gaming market in Africa.

The two consoles as noted are unique in their own way and quite similar in some particular aspects. Though general acceptance of the PlayStation’s gameplay was accepted, likened in a way to being the first in the market and households.

Prices of the PlayStation and Xbox Consoles

PlayStation or Xbox

Inspite of the fact that the PlayStation was widely popular and more common around than the Xbox, the PlayStation was actually more expensive than the Xbox but by a notably margin. Also, another factor that supported the wide sell of the PlayStation was that most of the consoles sold were not exactly brand new with the pack. They were mainly refurbished versions, a very particular trend popular in African tech market. Also, the PlayStation sort of became like a tradition in homes what with hit popular games like Pro Evolution Soccer. Getting game discs for the PlayStation was also very easy due to its ubiquitous nature than the Xbox which made the discs rather expensive, these factors contributed to the upscaling of the PlayStation in African market.

Hands on with the PlayStation or Xbox.

PlayStation or Xbox

The Xbox had a unique feature which was its wireless controller from the start, though the PlayStation has adopted this feature in its later years as seen in the PlayStation three, four and five. This trend was initially set by the Xbox. To use the Xbox controller, you needed to have a non-rechargeable battery with you. While this may not have been felt in other developed parts of the world what with powerful batteries like Duracell. The batteries present in Africa though Chinese made were not always so reliable and tended to run out of power in a very short while. This factor could be likened to a source of discomfort among gamers as the cost of buying these batteries almost everyday might seem unwanted. The PlayStation on the other hand had wire controllers receiving power directly from the console.

Another factor that made the PlayStation more successful was the divisibility of it being quickly installed on laptops as most people played games by this means. This was also available for the Xbox though only people were more comfortable and used to the PlayStation and what more in Africa, third party detachable USB game controllers were very similar in appearance to that of the PlayStation. It was quite difficult to find a PC wireless controller to play Xbox games on your laptop unless of course the game would require you using the traditional controller which turns out to be the PlayStation controller.

Also, there was the issue of repairing your console incase of an issue like the infamous lens going bad or the panel running into a fault. Xbox spare parts are rather difficult to come across regularly in the African tech market. The widely successful nature of the PlayStation on the other hand makes these parts needed for repairs to be readily available for use.

The PlayStation, unlike the Xbox already had a remarkable following in Africa. People loved the sleek black design which was very contrast to the Xbox’s rather bulky nature. Though the Xbox had a rather futuristic design with regards to its wireless controllers and colorful rather weird looking buttons. The PlayStation maintained a more understandable and sturdy design and also with issues like getting game discs quite difficult for the Xbox. Actually, in Africa people saw the Xbox as a luxury mainly due to its uncommon nature. Many young gamers couldn’t count how many people they knew had an Xbox but almost everyone had a PlayStation. Gaming in Africa has gone more advanced in recent times what with technology like virtual and augmented reality. As it stands nearly all recognized gaming hubs in Nigeria has an AR hub like Upbeat recreation Centre, though a step up, this hasn’t rubbed off the traditional console gaming experience.

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