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How social media is Defining a Generation of Young Africans.

In the early 2000s when the first markings of the social web was set these where basically static websites that allowed users to simply send messages or in better terms to ‘interact’ with one another as this was the highlight of web 2.0 as of the time. In the earlier days of the internet or […]

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Life on Mars and Elon Musk as Supreme Emperor.

The Earth will go extinct. The earth would get slammed by a great asteroid. A deadly virus would spring up and send us into an apocalyptic reality. Everyone would be crying and Elon Musk would be dancing gagman style gazing from Mars, you can term these as soon to be facts in the impending future. […]

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The Future of Smartphones is its Software

The title of this post should have come across your mind at some point and if it hasn’t, well here it is. The telephone, quite popular today has had a striking growth and development story. Now the question that’s going to be on everyone’s minds very soon is ‘what next?’ and if it hasn’t been […]

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3 ways Africa will benefit from Artificial intelligence

With regards to artificial intelligence the rise of automation and robotics sweeping the globe can be likened to a wildfire. Almost everything is getting integrated with robotics. The most proficient, the manufacturing industry. Take retail giant Amazon for example. Amazon is known to provide hundreds of jobs mainly to supply the needs of its warehouses. […]

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Building an ‘African Google’ What would it take?.

About an African Google digitalization came to the world from the early dot com boom of the 2000s. The growth of the world wide web and all its prospects. This ‘information technology bubble’ as of the time had all the potential as it probably showed. With the rise of internet giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple […]

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How young African Entrepreneurs are breaking grounds with Digital Marketing.

It has been said and emphasized over and over that digital marketing is the future of marketing for young African entrepreneurs. The whole world now formerly connected with slow ships and laggy carrier mails is now connected with something more powerful. A network that increases productivity and can let someone in Tanzania purchase a microwave […]

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Why Windows computers thrive better than Apple in Africa

If you live in Africa and are into technology or basically into digital related activities you must have discovered a popular and striking trend that’s pretty familiar among consumer choice for PC computers, especially windows computers. While there are quite a number of selects of the two popular computer operating system. Of course, here we […]

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6 African Tech Companies to look out for

African tech companies in the past decade has joined the fast-growing digital revolution. With innovators everywhere across the continent Africa has become a top choice for western venture companies and investors. Countries like Nigeria, having one of the fastest growing economies in the continent are one of the top spots for innovation and the birth […]

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Apple or Android Phones which has a better advantage in African Environment?

When it comes to conventional African environment one can say your choice of smartphone software is a careful subject. Apple or android, both are loved. There are quite a lot of things to consider such as battery life because power supply as popularly known is an issue in general African communities. The rate of Africans […]

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