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New Google feature Look to Speak lets Android Users Control Phone with their Eyes

December 20, 2020 By Chukky Derrick

Google has just released an beta application on it’s android phones called ‘Google Look’ that enables you literally control your device interaction with your eyes. How it works is that there would be words or phrases that were already preselected.

When using the app, users only have to look from left to right and will make use of the phone’s front facing camera. While the feature was created for those with speech and motor disability it could possibly be integrated into everyday user modes. The phone would also have to be firmly mounted and is supported on android 9+ phones and Android One. The feature is part of the Google experiments Start One Project.

Google Experiments are mainly focused on creating something bigger and larger for communities and the globe at large.

How to Set up Google Look to Speak.

To set up Look to Speak you firstly have to install it from the Google Play Store. Note that devices supported are phones with OS 9+ and above and also, Android One.

After installing the app and launching it, grant access to your phone’s camera and microphone as this would be used for interaction later on.

There’s a short video tutorial that comes on you could either watch it but you very well might not understand it.

click on skip.

There are already a series of selected phrases available that you can work with and with eye selection the screen frame is segmented and distinct to each particular gaze in this fashion:

You would be shown a home screen that looks like this :

Set Up Google Look

Ensure your face is directly in front of the screen or you would be flashed with a ‘No Eyes Detected’ Error message.

Go ahead and select a particular phrase, in this scenario we would be selecting ‘Hello’ on the left pane. by looking off screen, not too wide but very close to the phone.

Google look to Speak is Still a beta Project

Developed by Google’s speech specialist Richard Cave, Google Look to Speak is still under development as you might find the feature is not yet perfect but still it would be a welcome development to help impaired related people.

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