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Life on Mars and Elon Musk as Supreme Emperor.

January 18, 2021 By Chukky Derrick

The Earth will go extinct. The earth would get slammed by a great asteroid. A deadly virus would spring up and send us into an apocalyptic reality. Everyone would be crying and Elon Musk would be dancing gagman style gazing from Mars, you can term these as soon to be facts in the impending future. I mean if nature didn’t favor the dinosaurs, green loving friendly herbivores and their carnivorous friends is it we? The nuclear bomb wielding, climate changing, global warming uncontrollable humans that would be favored? I honestly do not think so. We have escaped lots of doom prophecies, the Mayans (they even did a movie to scare us), the warnings from Assyria, John Gribbin’s Book Jupiter effect on planetary alignment that would trigger a cataclysmic event. Somehow, we missed these predictions.

The thing is that these predictions were either based on errors, quick events, pretty much dismissible. The difference with Elon Musk’s own is that it’s difficult to shake off, like the knowledge when using your cellphone that the battery would go flat. Yes, you have a charger, yes, the battery is 15000mah, yes you only use Wi-Fi and you don’t even have any app running but that battery is going to die. You don’t know how or why or maybe you even do but nonetheless it would eventually run down. That’s the chord Elon Musk has struck and he isn’t just joking with it, he is very serious about it. Get ready for life on Mars.

Life on Mars
A martian colony simulation | source : space.com

Now, let’s imagine that deadly asteroid has eventually hit or rather expected in a few years time now Elon has stepped In front of a podium to announce “Okay we all knew this was going to happen, even if you didn’t now you do”.  This would be in the course of his taking 1000 estimated starships to build his city on the red planet, his time range is to complete it by the year 2050. Let’s imagine an asteroid would hit in 2065 and it’s 2040 and Elon’s ships have made quite some progress in carrying raw materials and some livable pods have been built. It’s time for the grand unveiling. So, a 69 years old Elon (maybe with a cane, he has been sleeping on the floor all his life) is now the mouthpiece of hope we are hoping on. The whole action would be led by a 37-year-old Kai Musk. Payment portals and registration terminals would be launched for those who can afford it though Elon has stated that it would be possible to go on loan. It definitely won’t be possible to save everyone, not to talk of religious people, I hope Africa would be very developed at that time so we can also participate.

Life on Mars
source : inverse

The total number of people Elon wants to put on Mars is a million in total and there would be politics in picking who would be on the crafts, I’m pretty sure some billionaires would even buy out a full ship and leave the rest of us. After spending seven months enroute to mars in cramped spaceship hulls we have to ask ourselves, what are we going to meet and what would daily living be like (or SOL living).

Supreme Leader Elon Musk would change our names

I’m very sure you heard of the name of Elon’s last child’s name, sounded pretty weird right? I bet you Elon has more plans with that. This would also be so since his company space x has stated that it would ‘make its own laws on Mars’ as the company would not recognise internal laws on mars. Currently due to his weird child’s name ‘X AE A-12 Musk’ he is currently facing troubles with California regulations due to the name, well that’s because he is on earth, there would be no California laws on Mars. We would eventually say goodbye to our common human names and adopt codes as names. That could be good because it would be good for data collection and faster processing and in the lights of pronunciation it could turn out to be a problem. Elon is pretty known for his erratic behaviour but they are often markers of what he intends to do in the future. When you get to the red planet you pick a new name.

We would communicate via Telepathy

Life on Mars
Elon Musk | source : Inc

I know this sounds absurd but it won’t when the time comes. Elon Musk actually has plans to create a technology that let’s humans communicate via their brains called Neuralink (read about it here). The company is well underway. You see as it stands now to get the prospects of Neuralink into gear there are a lot of laws to pass through by the FDA. There would be no FDA on mars. Neuralink was actually created to let humans have an edge over ‘killer A.I’ as Elon puts it. He believes that machines would eventually get smarter due to artificial intelligence and it would be an existential threat to humans who seemingly would not be able to keep up, Neuralink would give humans a hand and an edge over the activities of artificial intelligence.

Musk has stated that space x would run by ‘self governing’ principles when he finally colonizes the red planet. Since internet would be via Starlink satellites Musk is clearly not going to be using any Earth based laws though Starlink satellites currently operate via California Laws. Neuralink would need internet as of the time so we are talking about a full Musk utopia.

As for the environment of Mars, Musk has stated that this would be fixed by what he has termed as terraforming which would be pumping Earth gases into the Martian environment to make it a little more conducive for living. Let us all pray by then that space suits are well adjusted for heat resistance during the process and we don’t incinerate the entire planet because we humans have a habit of destroying things. Let’s see how our time on Mars would turn out to be. Hopefully it would be a different age.

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