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Make your first $742 online with crowdfunding in one week.

January 23, 2021 By Chukky Derrick

This is not lip service, neither is it a joke. Crowdfunding is a real and profitable source of money online, it’s as real as that cellphone in your hand. Let’s say Emily has a plan to go to college or even set up a business with a thousand dollars, or maybe it’s a profitable idea but trying to get investors is turning out to be futile. Normally she could just throw in the towel and say ‘I’m done’ but on the other hand with the help of crowdfunding she could set up a platform that reaches out to random people across the globe, explaining her idea. She doesn’t even need to charge much but if she can get just $1 from 1,000 people, she’s good to go. Yes it’s a bit similar to Kickstarter only in this case there are no scrutinizing judgy people trying to analyze your business or start up. Just people who want to offer a helping hand. The name of the crowdfunding platform in this case is called Vobbie.

What is Vobbie and how does it work?

Vobbie is an interesting platform. it’s a fundraising platform that lets you create and run your fundraiser. whether it’s paying for your college fees or buying a new Ferrari (there are people out there who want you to drive a Ferrari believe it or not) all you have to do is create a campaign on the platform and tell people why you very much want that Ferrari. Vobbie lets campaigners upload pictures and even videos as a means of reaching out to people who would be inclined to donate. Vobbie is also a very secure platform as donors can use popular and trusted payment gateways to send money to you. The platform costs a minimal amount of money and can be purchased here.

Start crowdfunding today with Vobbie

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Other benefits of Crowdfunding

Apart from being a good source of getting capital for your idea, startup or business crowdfunding is also a form of promotion if you are coming from the side of business as a probable investor is also a possible business partner. This creates more exposure for your brand or market and connects you to a wider reach of people.

Go here to read more on successful crowdfunding campaigns and how they were able to raise money for their goals.


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