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PlayStation or Xbox

PlayStation or Xbox Gaming is one important aspect of recreation. In Africa generally recreation comes in many different forms, there’s playing of sports like soccer, tennis to outdoor dirt car-racing. Not everyone chooses to do these activities physically due to selective reasons. Quite a number prefer the virtual means of recreation with the PlayStation or […]

December 26, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
Young African Entrepreneurs
It has been said and emphasized over and over that digital marketing is the future of marketing for young African
Time travel
One of the major teasers of the ‘futuristic science’ approach via movies and even novels and even maybe tagging it
One of the limiting and rather frustrating factor in human existence is the concept of age and this is where
Artificial intelligence
With regards to artificial intelligence the rise of automation and robotics sweeping the globe can be likened to a wildfire.
Future of smartphones
The title of this post should have come across your mind at some point and if it hasn’t, well here
Elon Musk
The man who wants to put a million on Mars
Google Premise
When it comes to 'earning money with Google' the first thing that might come to mind is Google Adsense well
Apple or Android
When it comes to conventional African environment one can say your choice of smartphone software is a careful subject. Apple
windows computers
If you live in Africa and are into technology or basically into digital related activities you must have discovered a
Apple Lawsuit
The Apple lawsuit recently filed against IOS virtualization start-up Corellium last August has gone south. Things unfortunately went south when
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