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Apple or Android Phones which has a better advantage in African Environment?

December 21, 2020 By Chukky Derrick

When it comes to conventional African environment one can say your choice of smartphone software is a careful subject. Apple or android, both are loved. There are quite a lot of things to consider such as battery life because power supply as popularly known is an issue in general African communities. The rate of Africans on social media is gradually climbing as it’s been stated that two thirds of Africa’s young population is on Facebook and even a portion of the older generation are joining this fast-rising trend. Accessing the internet in Africa is mainly done on a smartphone as most people rarely have desktop computers.

The two popular choice of OS in Africa are of course, IOS and Android. These are major in the market as millions of these phones are sold on a daily basis and Africa’s young generation is a good market as most of them, entrepreneurs, use their smartphones to process and run their businesses on the internet.

Picking the right brand and operating system is crucial to your needs and also you need to be certain how the operating system fairs in everyday life. I would be taking a rundown on factors that should be considered in relation choosing the right operating system and the one with seemingly better advantage and this is not the regular Apple vs Android phones article, in a way.

Battery Life Regarding Apple or Android

Apple or Android

When it comes to picking a smartphone OS here in Africa, we could say this is a very important factor as many parts of Africa suffers from inadequate power supply. In such a scenario, one has to be careful when selecting a smartphone and this should generally be a major factor to look out for. Talking about Apple phones, the most widely sold iPhone, the iPhone 6 which is also quite popular in Africa and it has been estimated that 224 million units have been sold worldwide. The iPhone 6 basically has a battery life of 1810mAh. For regular conventional African environment, one could say this is a very fairly low capacity. In Africa, traditional mobile network is mainly used to access the internet as Wi-Fi technology is not readily available.

Mobile network drains battery more than using Wi-Fi technology and as you leave the house in Africa it’s very common to go out with a power bank because getting a spot to charge your mobile could turn futile. Android phones on the other hand which are popular in Africa seemingly tend to have a longer lifespan. The most widely sold android phones, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the Redmi note 8 have a battery life of 4000mAh. This is a very good advantage in African environment.

Memory Regarding Apple or Android

Apple or Android

Like I stated earlier, it is quite an ardous task to own a PC in Africa. Most people save their documents and files on their smartphones; most large files like music and pictures are saved in mobile memory. When it comes to this, the iPhone tends to have the advantage. The iPhone in general has a better file management system with its closed source and unbloated OS unlike conventional android phones. This makes it a better choice if your goal is to store and have a bank for your data.

Also, most iPhones are above the 32gb memory mark. This also serves as a great option for data storage.

Camera Quality Regarding Apple or Android

Apple or Android

Most African youngsters are business entrepreneurs who mainly sell stuff online, basically on social media. If you want to send a picture of that handbag or shoe to a potential customer, you would need a high definition camera and since not everyone have cameras, the next best thing is to get a smartphone with a high quality camera. This would be awarded to the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone generally has cameras with sharp and crisp high-quality displays, even vloggers with a phone stand do not need a camera and are good to go. Android phones generally tend to be poor in camera quality.  

Africans in general are picture addicts, we just love and adore taking beautiful pictures. One has to consider camera quality before picking a smartphone and if this is you, the Apple iPhone fairs better in this scenario. The iPhone in relation to camera quality also tends to have higher screen resolution and high display and refresh rates that enhances picture quality.

Cost/Price Regarding Apple or Android

Ios  vs Android

When it comes down to this very important aspect, I think we all know the better option, Apple iPhones are notorious for their exorbitant price tags. When the iPhone X was released in 2017 the initial price was $1000 and in Nigeria, 600,000 Naira and the iPhone price in Africa as a whole was almost $2000. That’s an awful lot of money.

In conventional communities, income is low and standard of living is notably not so high. Apple smartphones are very expensive and if your available option is intrinsic to cost you very much then you would have to use an android phone as they have many brands that are fairly cheap but if you really must be going towards the price vs quality dilemma, here, as many rock-bottom priced android phones though good, barely live up to par but they generally get the basics done.

Flexibility Regarding Apple or Android

Ios vs Android

Everyday living in Africa is always ‘on the go’ and one would need a flexible smartphone that can readily interact with the next passenger on the bus without any hassle. Now the better choice for this would be conventional Android phones because they support traditional flexible Bluetooth sharing and their iniquitousness makes it very relatable for general users. iPhones in general do not have this flexibility in Africa as the phone tends to be limited to certain features.

Android phones support quick file sharing with the popular Xender app, the app is also available on the iPhone but it’s limited and not dynamic like the Android OS. Also when it comes to accessing basic services, it tends to be quite not so easy on the iPhone in Africa, with features like iCloud lock, accessing music, not everyone has a Mastercard or the money to pay for music and other regularities. Android phones in this light tends to be very flexible and can meet up to those demands.

These features have been stated above and depending on your needs you should carefully select the one that suits your taste but then also, you should watch if your preferred OS is able to thrive in African environment.

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