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The Apple Lawsuit against IOS virtual emulator creator Corellium, got tanked.

December 31, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
Apple Lawsuit

The Apple lawsuit recently filed against IOS virtualization start-up Corellium last August has gone south. Things unfortunately went south when the lawsuit was tanked which ended being a loss for the tech titan. Corellium is a software that allows users to run IOS emulators on their desktops for research and development purposes. Note that this also means not needing to buy an iPhone. Apple most definitely wasn’t impressed, stating it could be disastrous if the software went into the wrong hands, which well, if you come to think of it is a pretty good point.

is the Apple Lawsuit on good basis?

This on its part makes finding bugs in the OS very fast and easy but iPhone claimed the software could also make the IOS vulnerable to bugs and hackers. Apple inc ended suing the software company for ‘cloning’ the IOS and for copyright infringement on the IOS and unfortunately the lawsuit got thrown out the window when it was proven that the company was operating under fair use. Apple literally must have felt that couldn’t have lost the case.

Apple also fronted that Corellium violeted the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s ban on working thier way around copyright protection laws. The software company still claims fair use.

Apple Lawsuit
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