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Africans and Africa of the Future (2)

September 15, 2021 By Franklin Nwagbo

Recently, the government of Senegal “Celebrated” the launching of an electrified mud house, in the 21st century.

It’s 14:00 and lectures have just finished, a young girl briskly walks towards the sidewalk aware of what will happen if she as much as steps a foot away from it. There are no bus stops so she try to cross the road, the old fashioned way,as she has been taught, look right, then look left and right again– then with the speed of a cheetah she dashes through neglecting any other incoming vehicles that will not slow down either. It doesn’t matter the kind of road you are on, be it express, local or international roads as long as you are in Nigeria you got to do it the old fashioned way. 


Olumati is back from work, he will spend the next three weeks complaining of backache that is serious and painful. He decides that the best plan of action as an educated man will be to visit the hospital, after all he has tried all the known remedies he could come up with and has taken unprescribed drugs. On arrival, it wouldn’t matter if he was on a death bed; he will be asked to make a full payment for consultation. Afterwards he will wait,probably for an hour or less before the doctor attends to him. 

Of course not; the doctor will not give him any real prescription until the bill is paid in full. 

If not Olumati will die, and the doctor will most certainly move on to other cases after all the government doesn’t pay them. 


Tolu rides his bicycle along the Medbay estate just across the popular shopping mall in the area. The roads are beautiful and yet busy as always but there are traffic lights to regulate the movement of motorists and masses using the road. It was just a stroll, He looked sideways and then cycled into the pedestrian lane. Soon a motorbike speeds on the road ignoring the red traffic light on his lane and sensing traffic ahead changes the lane quickly to the pedestrian’s lane and knocks Tolu down.

Such is the reality of the Africa we live in presently here in Nigeria and in other places.

It is often said that the mind is the beginning of all things, in this scenario though, in my not so humble opinion I will ask to differ. Our mindset is what creates the difference in the quality of our live and in turn creates what we want to see. Where do we begin my people? When did we consciously make the decision that our fellow brothers were worth less than material things ? Kam juu unu, Ha na a gote ndu agote, Is this life not once?.

As my host my host said rightly in his post, the puzzle is not Africa but Africans. The land cannot speak for itself about what the people have done, it is the people who must change the events. 

In the next ten years,the new economy will dominate the world and honestly I don’t know where Africa will be then. The industrial economy,where it was the the maxim go to school and then get a job was approved and dictated to all students and children no longer holds true. People no longer have the certainty of that anymore or even work in their specialized fields after training. 

Schools are still using the same method of teaching with slight changes to teach the 21st century and the method for empowering the has not improved in Africa – at least not in all of Africa- so I believe there’s hope for Africa like i have spoken frequently about on my blog.

We are moving into a new economy, the connected economy where relationships will be the norm for finance and this should be good news for Africans but really is not. How can a new economy like this survive in a place where it’s people have no value for themselves and little regard for the preservation of their country people lives? How would one individual trust another, at least on a acceptable level about a product or service if the norm in the society is distrust and trickery? How will such a continent survive? 

Schools have not learnt the different types of intelligence and only measure one. 

Africa is one of the biggest consumer of technology yet we are the least when it comes to its innovation. It is not that we don’t have the minds that can create  technologies, the puzzle is that we have to be open minded to its possibility.

The solution? 

It starts with you and I transforming our mindsets and becoming better people to one another. On a serious note we should learn to care for one another and think of the ways that will benefit one another and contribute to the growth of our continent as we prepare for the new economy. This connected economy may perhaps be the hope that will bring us together. Money is a  reward for solving problems, problems affecting the society and the world at large. Think about that for moment. 

Think empathy and regard for fellow human beings as persons in whatever position you are in. 

It all starts with you.

For us to embrace the connected economy, we believe you can, you must, you will, for all our sakes. 

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Nwagbo Franklin
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Franlkin is an African Culture Enthusiast and also a creative writer.
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