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Smartphone Assistants

Talking to your phone might strike you as weird. We talk ‘on’ the phone all the time, yes only in this scenario, imagine there’s no angry boss at the other end, just a nice monotone female phoney voice struggling to read your mind. I know the only time Google assistant pops up is when you […]

January 14, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
Future of smartphones

The title of this post should have come across your mind at some point and if it hasn’t, well here it is. The telephone, quite popular today has had a striking growth and development story. Now the question that’s going to be on everyone’s minds very soon is ‘what next?’ and if it hasn’t been […]

January 12, 2021 By Chukky Derrick

Neuralink sounds awfully a lot like some Charles Xavier super power if you have heard about it before. Except this time, it isn’t mind to mind control (who knows? that might even be possible) but mind-technology control. Neuralink basically is a new field of technology proposed by the CEO of Tesla motors Elon Musk that […]

January 9, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
Artificial intelligence

With regards to artificial intelligence the rise of automation and robotics sweeping the globe can be likened to a wildfire. Almost everything is getting integrated with robotics. The most proficient, the manufacturing industry. Take retail giant Amazon for example. Amazon is known to provide hundreds of jobs mainly to supply the needs of its warehouses. […]

January 6, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
Machines get smarter

when machines get smarter. In the 1900s if you wanted to listen to music, you’d walk down a record store on your street, purchase a record then turn on your bulky boom box and would literally have to hit ‘next’ till it got the song you wanted. Music was generally radio and record stores. Now […]

January 4, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
Elon Musk

The man who wants to put a million on Mars

January 2, 2021 By Chukky Derrick
African Google

About an African Google digitalization came to the world from the early dot com boom of the 2000s. The growth of the world wide web and all its prospects. This ‘information technology bubble’ as of the time had all the potential as it probably showed. With the rise of internet giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple […]

December 31, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
Apple Lawsuit

The Apple lawsuit recently filed against IOS virtualization start-up Corellium last August has gone south. Things unfortunately went south when the lawsuit was tanked which ended being a loss for the tech titan. Corellium is a software that allows users to run IOS emulators on their desktops for research and development purposes. Note that this […]

December 31, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
Young African Entrepreneurs

It has been said and emphasized over and over that digital marketing is the future of marketing for young African entrepreneurs. The whole world now formerly connected with slow ships and laggy carrier mails is now connected with something more powerful. A network that increases productivity and can let someone in Tanzania purchase a microwave […]

December 29, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
PlayStation or Xbox

PlayStation or Xbox Gaming is one important aspect of recreation. In Africa generally recreation comes in many different forms, there’s playing of sports like soccer, tennis to outdoor dirt car-racing. Not everyone chooses to do these activities physically due to selective reasons. Quite a number prefer the virtual means of recreation with the PlayStation or […]

December 26, 2020 By Chukky Derrick
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